Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Six Months

Six Months!! Can you believe it?? Just this time last year I was shocked by the news of my pregnancy and now I have a six month old?!? WOW! We are so blessed to have this little guy in our lives. He is such a joy and brings a smile to my face daily.

Over the past month he has really taken to solid foods. He eats like a champ! Where Katelyn started out barely eating one Stage 1 container of baby food this little man quickly told us that that was not acceptable and demands not only the Stage 2 version but on many occasions he wants TWO of them before he is happy!! He will also let you know the speed at which he prefers to eat - shove it in! He loves everything he has tried so far. The past month has primarily been vegetables but I just started some fruits with him this past week. I guess this new found love of eating is showing in his growth as he gained over a pound in weight and one inch in length over the past four weeks! He is still a pound lighter than Katelyn was at this age but I started feeding her a month earlier so maybe that accounts for the difference.

He is rolling over both ways and starting to show some interest in sitting up but with his long torso this is proving to be a challenge. He is not really crawling yet but he definitely has figured out how to move around. Whenever I put him on the floor he always ends up quite a ways from where he started. Blowing raspberries is his latest trick and makes him laugh. I think he has figured out that he loves to be held and is learning how to get picked up by really pitching a fit when you put him down. That sure doesn't help me get things done around here! He LOVES the bath tub and just kicks his legs and splashes when I put him in there. Katelyn also shares the same love for a bath and they have a wonderful time in there together!

We go for his 6 month checkup on Monday so I'll get his official stats then.

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Lauren W said...

I am oficially stealilng very idea that you have. I love those month by month comparison shots. That is such a great idea.