Monday, August 24, 2009

We're still alive...barely!

Yes, I know. I'm majorly behind with my postings here but if you check out my photography blog you'll see I've had lots and lots of beautiful children keeping me very busy lately! I am so blessed with all of the opportunities I've been given lately. Owen and Katelyn are doing great and I'm still documenting them along the way as well. I just haven't had much extra time to post to this blog lately but it's day I hope!! ;)

Katelyn started back to school and is in K4 this year going 5 days a week (only 3 hours per day). This year has been quite the challenge so far to say the least. Her first week she went kicking and screaming everyday and it had me totally baffled. This is a child that has always LOVED school and went running in never looking back. This year she is crying and clinging to my leg every morning. Talk about stress! We were just short of pulling her out of school all together before we could finally get out of her what was going on. After about 4 days she finally told us that one of her classmates that sits right next to her was giving her a hard time. Presto! A quick chat with her teacher solved that problem and she has been a happy girl since! Man! I was just about at my wit's end! So I'm hoping and praying for a great week of school this week with NO TEARS! I would normally post a first day of school picture here but I haven't even had time to work on them yet! AAAHHHH!! More to come I promise!

Owen is taking more and more steps everyday. His attitude is rapidly developing as well. What have I gotten myself into?!? Yes, Mom, payback is *%(#!! ;)

I'm bracing myself for THIS to happen one day... (video embedded). I just know it is coming. Any dibs on who will do this first - Owen or Katelyn?

Have a great week everyone! More to come soon one day! :)

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Anna said...

haha! but seriously, that would be my child! kidding...but she basically started a mini-tantrum today at the grocery store. oh the joys!