Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah!

On Sunday we went to the Build-A-Bear Workshop in Eastdale Mall for Hannah's 7th birthday.

Katelyn was so excited! She gave life to a new friend that she named "Allie". Allie has not left her side in the past 24 hours. They do everything together! :)

Hannah had a wonderful birthday! She seemed to be having such a great time at her party! She is growing up so fast! It seems like just yesterday we found out Cameron was getting a little sister! Happy Birthday Hannah! We love you!

For more pics from our fun time, click HERE for the web gallery.


Lauren W said...

Lori- I talked to Suzanne and would love for one of you guys to do Bennett's 6 month portraits. Would you be available?

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! Looks like your birthday party was a blast!! I love Build-a-Bear! :D Thanks so much for the comment, Lori, it's great to "meet" you!! :)