Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lady in Waiting

This past 4th of July weekend Ruthie's boyfriend Aubie came for a visit. Ruthie was so excited to see him!

We are pleased to announce that she is expecting her second litter of puppies sometime around the first part of September! Dr. Blue Brawner of Carriage Hills Animal Clinic confirmed that she is carrying 3 maybe 4 puppies. She had 3 with her first litter. Here's our look at one of her babies! How cool is that?!?

Last time she was pregnant she surprised me with the puppies before I could get a chance to take a picture of her pregnant. This time around she wants nothing to do with having her picture taken. I tried on several occasions and as soon as she sees the camera she runs to hide. I kinda know what she feels like! The other day I snuck on her enjoying the sunshine.

Stay tuned! It won't be long! I'll give another update when they are here!

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