Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pink Eye

We have been a relatively "well" household for quite a long time with the exception of a recent string of "crud" that has come through. Now Katelyn has "pink eye"! YUCK! I noticed on Sunday afternoon when she got back from Gigi's shop that her right eye was really red. She commonly has some darkness under her eyes which I think are mild allergies. I gave her some Benadryl thinking that would help. Well even after another round of Benadryl still no change and even getting a little worse. I called the doctor's office and Dr. Wood has prescribed some drops. She said she should be good to go back to school on Wednesday. When I told Katelyn that her eye was "sick" and that she had "pink eye" she kinda thought that was cool being that pink is her favorite color and all! I tell you this has not slowed her down one bit!


Lauren W said...

:-( Oh, no!! I hope she feels better soon.

Lauren said...

This face cracks me up! She's a ham!

Jodie said...

Oh I love this picture! Her eyes are so beautiful. I can so relate, bless her heart. Working in the school system, I have had pink eye more times then I can count. ;)
And yes, Oma texts. Isn't that hilarious?! It allows us to talk almost every day. Thanks so much for reading my blog. I don't blog much bc I think, Whose gonna read it? I've decided to blog more often now. :)