Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Oh the South is buzzing after a recent weekend of totally wild weather! Never before have I experienced 70 degree temperatures on Friday, storms and tornado warnings on Saturday, and then wake up to SNOW! on Sunday!! It was a wild weekend indeed and we definitely enjoyed the snow part. Katelyn had an absolute blast playing with her cousins, Cameron & Hannah. Owen was just as content watching out the window by the warm fire with Poppy & Gigi. Here are a few images from our fun day.

Katelyn and I tried making a snowman but she would rather throw snow at me instead.

She did a great time making a snow angel...

We went next door to Chad & Stephanie's house to sled down the hill. Their dog, Tiger, was so funny to watch as he would snap at the falling snow.

It took Katelyn a little while to warm up to the idea that going down the hill would be fun but soon she got the hang of it!

Cameron got the bright idea to ride the kayak down the hill (right toward the LAKE!). The first time he did it the kayak went right into the lake. Luckily he jumped off first. This is his second trip down. I have to admit it looked pretty fun!
One day maybe I can find the time to figure out how to merge all these videos together! :)

The snow was gone not long after lunch. It was a perfect day! It was just enough to play in and was gone about the time we all got tired of it!

The rest of the pictures are HERE.

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