Thursday, June 11, 2009


On the last day of school, Katelyn's teacher, Mrs. Bamberg, gave her a note with a packet of seeds. We have held on to those seeds because I knew that I do NOT have a green thumb or know anything about planting flowers. Recently Katelyn asked her Gigi if she would help her plant her seeds. They did and Katelyn was so excited. She watered them and checked on them daily. Gigi decided to help the process along a little and purchased an "advanced version". She planted them in the same pot so when Katelyn came to check on her seeds she would find them. Well it didn't take her long at all! She went to check on her seeds that day and came back in the house squealing "MOMMY THEY GREW! THEY GREW MOMMY! COME SEE!" She was just overcome with excitement! I tell you that was worth every penny to see her light up like that!

Thank you Mrs. Bamberg and Mrs. Edwards for all you taught Katelyn this year! She is starting to sound out words on her own now! We are so proud of her accomplishments! You guys are wonderful!

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Lauren and John said...

Too sweet! Great idea from the teachers!