Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

In my mind there is a vision of a beautiful perfect portrait of me with my kids on Mother's Day. I'm a lot thinner, my kids are happy, smiling, and looking at the camera, and flowers are blooming in the background. Although in REALITY - this is it. My sweet husband did oblige me in taking a picture of which I am forever grateful. Owen was happy but right in the sun. Rats! We had to fight with Katelyn to be still and look the right way. Geez! My life.

I love my babies and my husband with all my heart. I am so blessed to be a Momma and the day was perfect. Thank you Bart, Katelyn, and Owen for bringing me such joy! I love you!

Here's a little something Katelyn did at school for me. I love it! It makes me smile.

I also couldn't resist a little flashback from Mother's Days past. (Image is clickable)

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