Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Shameless Plug

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Of course a post is not complete without a picture!! Owen is still not walking but he is definitely perfecting the "monkey crawl" technique!

Friday, June 12, 2009


I just wanted to cry this week as I watched my baby be transformed into a little boy right before my eyes! Owen got his first haircut on Wednesday and he looks so precious! I can't believe the total transformation it made in him!

I even think he was a little excited that day. He flashed me this huge smile while we were waiting for Mrs. Pat to call us back.

Here he is just after sitting down in the chair. I wasn't sure if he was going to sit still so Daddy came along for assistance if needed. Owen wiggled more in Daddy's lap so we tried the booster seat and he was as still as can be.

It was really special to have Mrs. Pat do Owen's first haircut. She has been cutting Bart and his Dad's hair for years. She has lots of experience dealing with the "Mercer Men"!! Believe me they have to be "DEALT with" at times!! ;) She did a fabulous job as always! THANK YOU MRS. PAT!!!

Of course we couldn't leave Katelyn out. She got her own new 'do from Mrs. Kim (Pat's daughter) while we were there.

It turned out to be a day of family haircuts - Bart and I both got haircuts that day also!

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Happy Birthday Chuck!

My sweet brother turned 30 this year and Anna put together a wonderful surprise birthday celebration last weekend! Everything went off without a hitch and he was totally surprised! Our cousin Josh took him fishing that day and when they got back to the house we were all there in the backyard. The kids had a great time playing in the sprinklers and running over everyone with the power wheels vehicles! Uncle Willie did a fabulous job at the grill! Happy Birthday Little Brother!!

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Happy Birthday Courtney!

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On Sunday, May 31st we joined Katelyn's school friend Courtney to celebrate her 4th birthday. Katelyn, Courtney, and Ella became close friends in school this year. They are so cute playing together. Courtney had a Tinkerbell party complete with a cool slip-n-slide. Here are a few pictures from a fun afternoon. (Image is clickable)

The girls had a blast on the slip-n-slide!

Katelyn turned out to be the most fearless! She would run down it full force!

Owen also enjoyed his first trip down the slip-n-slide! I love how he goes all the way to the top and then heads back down - just like his sister! Monkey see, monkey do! ;)

This was also the day Owen officially started the "monkey crawl". For Katelyn when she started doing this she ended up walking very soon after. It is so cute to watch him do this and exciting to know what is coming next!!

Here he is in action! Notice how he spots the John Deere Gator and he pretty much spent the rest of the afternoon on it and would NOT get off! Too bad the battery was dead by the time he discovered it.

Happy Birthday Courtney! We had a wonderful time at your party!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

My baby is growing up...

Yep, Katelyn is definitely growing up way too fast! On the Tuesday after her birthday we went to see Dr. Wood for her annual checkup. No shots this time and she was so excited! They are coming next year though! She weighed in at 43 lbs and measured 43 inches. How about that?!? The nurse said that it was rare for both numbers to be exactly the same! I think her love of french fries is starting to catch up with her!

She got a great report with the exception of a little "scene" she caused when they wanted a urine sample. I've debated whether or not to put this story on the blog so I guess I'll just save it for her scrapbook. It wasn't funny when it happened but I'm sure she'll get a good laugh reading about it one day! Let's just say she is a little bull-headed which I'm sure she gets from both her Mommy and Daddy. I'll just leave it at that! :)

Look at the difference a year makes! Now I wish I had pictures from her first and second year to compare even more!

I thought she was particularly cute in the paper gown they gave her to wear!

The Absorbing Power of Huggies

Have you ever witnessed the amazing absorbancy of a Huggies diaper? Stick your baby in a pool of water and watch it swell! It is incredible! We were down at the pool recently and I didn't have a swim diaper handy so I just let Owen swim in his regular diaper. Poor little guy it swelled up with so much water he almost couldn't crawl around! It was kinda funny! Of course I had to take pictures! ;)

He was also being particularly cute that day as well...


Owen took his first jet ski ride recently and absolutely LOVED it! After a few minutes however he got real heavy on my arms and the little bugger had falled asleep! I guess that is a sure sign he enjoyed the ride! As soon as we got back to the pier he popped up and was all smiles.

Yes, I cropped myself was BAD!! ;)

Katelyn's 4th Birthday

Since the very next day after her last birthday Katelyn declared "Mommy, I want a flower party for my next birthday!" So with that the flower party plans were put into motion. I figured this year that the kids were old enough to graduate from the sprinklers and head down to the pool. In keeping with the flower and pool theme we did a hibiscus flower party to keep everything colorful. When I first started working on it I really had a hard time finding items to match the theme but the closer it got luau items started popping up all over. It turned out perfect! Rain showers were all over the area all day long so we decided at the last hour to move the party to Gigi and Poppy's porch. Her beautiful flowers added perfectly to the decor!

Before the guests arrived we set up the homemade slip-n-slide complete with dishwashing detergent! What fun! Cameron braved the first run and it didn't take Katelyn and Hannah long to give it a try! Noted for future reference, dishwashing liquid is not the best thing for slip-n-slides. It got really soapy fast! We had to keep rinsing everyone off before they could get in the pool. Next time I think we'll try baby oil instead.

They had a ball of fun!

Just as the party began the rain stopped, the sun came out, and it was a totally gorgeous afternoon! The rest of the weekend weather was yucky but that didn't matter because for 3 whole hours it was perfect! Katelyn had a wonderful 4th birthday that she will remember for a lifetime! (Image is clickable)

I have to give a huge SHOUT OUT to Suzanne Williams who was once again the official party photographer. At only 4 days prior to delivering her second child, Anna, she documented the party like a champ! It was unbelievable! I am so grateful for all she has done. The pictures are just wonderful! See them all here and a few I took before and after the party are here. Suzanne, you are the best!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Summer Pets

Since getting stung by a wasp on the playground at school, Katelyn has been very afraid of bugs of all shapes and sizes. She goes into hysterics even over the sight of a little fly! We have been trying hard to help her overcome this fear and teach her the difference in good bugs and bad bugs. This has been a challenge but she is slowly easing up on her fears. Meet one of her new "best friends" - this is Roly.

Roly even has his own custom house made with a little help from Hannah, my neice.

Thank goodness that roly polys all look alike and can easily be replaced as needed. ;)


On the last day of school, Katelyn's teacher, Mrs. Bamberg, gave her a note with a packet of seeds. We have held on to those seeds because I knew that I do NOT have a green thumb or know anything about planting flowers. Recently Katelyn asked her Gigi if she would help her plant her seeds. They did and Katelyn was so excited. She watered them and checked on them daily. Gigi decided to help the process along a little and purchased an "advanced version". She planted them in the same pot so when Katelyn came to check on her seeds she would find them. Well it didn't take her long at all! She went to check on her seeds that day and came back in the house squealing "MOMMY THEY GREW! THEY GREW MOMMY! COME SEE!" She was just overcome with excitement! I tell you that was worth every penny to see her light up like that!

Thank you Mrs. Bamberg and Mrs. Edwards for all you taught Katelyn this year! She is starting to sound out words on her own now! We are so proud of her accomplishments! You guys are wonderful!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hunter's Graduation

On Thursday, May 21st we were thrilled to attend the HS graduation of our cousin Hunter from Macon East Montgomery Academy. It seems like just yesterday I was helping him with his 7th grade science project and now he is DONE!! WOW!! He is set to attend Auburn University in the Fall.

CONGRATULATIONS Hunter! We are so proud of you!

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Gigi's Dancing Dolls - Videos

Here are the video clips from Katelyn's recital. They were done with my little Canon S5 point and shoot. We were sitting pretty close to the back of the auditorium at Wetumpka Performing Arts so I'm very impressed with how they turned out. THANK YOU so much to DaLee for doing this for us! You are wonderful!

Opening Number:

"Fly To Your Heart" (from Tinkerbell movie) - Ballet:

"It's A Small World" - Gymnastics/Baton:

"Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo" (from Cinderella) - Tap:

Gigi's Dancing Dolls

After a day at the Tractor Show it was off to Katelyn's first dance recital with Gigi's Dancing Dolls that evening. The show's theme was "A Magical Night of Disney" featuring a variety of Disney characters and tunes. Of course I had to do a little mini photo session to get a picture of her very first recital costume! She was a Flower Fairy. So pretty!

Backstage before the show, the girls were getting very excited and even posed for a few pictures. Here she is with Courtney and Gracie. Ella is popping up in the background.

Ella and Katelyn - so pretty!

The show began and the costumes were just beautiful. All of them were Disney inspired and very well selected. Katelyn's class came onstage 3 different times performing ballet ("Fly to Your Heart"), gymnastics/baton ("It's a Small World"), and tap ("Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo"). I have video from the night but will have to come back and add this to the post later.

The show was one of the best run recitals I have ever attended. It started at 7pm and we were done by 9:15pm. That included 31 performances! That is incredible! Normally these things run until 10:30-11pm!! Gigi Hankins, owner of Gigi's Dancing Dolls, did a fantastic job! Thank you Mrs. Gigi!!

After the show Daddy gave her flowers!

Of course we couldn't miss an opportunity to get a picture with the star for show!

We are so proud of you baby girl!! We love you!

8th Annual Alabama Antique Tractor Show & Pull

Friday, May 15th kicked off the 8th Annual Alabama Antique Tractor Show and Pull sponsored by the Elmore Fire Department in association with Southern Antique Iron Association. It is a fundraiser for the local fire department. Tractors from around the country come in to be displayed and participate in the pulling competition. It is just the neatest thing! 9 years ago I would laugh if someone told me I should go to a tractor pull but I am totally amazed at how intriguing and interesting this event is every year! My husband and all the guys with the fire department do a FANTASTIC job putting this event together!

On Friday night the Fire Department hosts a fish fry for the show's sponsors, vendors, and participants. We have fried catfish, fries, hush puppies, coleslaw, and dessert. It is YUMMY! There was a great turnout this year.

We have been a part of this event since the very beginning and I am so proud of my husband for all his had done to make this event a HUGE success!

The kids had a great time on the display equipment from a local tractor equipment company.

Like turning on a light switch it was amazing to watch Owen "discover" tractors for the first time! The moment I pulled him up to the area where they were doing the tractor pull you could immediately see the amazement in his face and he just froze. The look on his face was "Oh Wow!". He loved every second of it and did not want to leave! To this day he continues to be drawn to tractors of all shapes and sizes!

One of the fun festivities that was started a few years back is the BBQ Cookoff competition. There are categories for brisket, ribs, chicken, boston butt, and even a dessert category. Gigi won FIRST PLACE this year with her Banana Split Pie entry! Yeah Gigi!

Finally, I have to share Owen's latest crawling skills! Even though he got a late start crawling (the week before his first birthday) he has definitely got the hang of it now! He would crawl everywhere if we would let him!

(Embedded video - you may have to go to blog site if viewing this from an email or reader)

Now if I can just get him walking before he is TWO!! ;)

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