Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sick Little Boy

Okay, so I'm still a little behind in posting (not much though and I'm gaining fast!) but I couldn't resist sharing this sweet pic of my little man. Week before last he started running a fever and the doctor determined it to be just a virus. Lots of Tylenol and Motrin got us through the week. He did not have other symptoms other than a high fever. For the most part he tolerated it well and acted fairly normal. I couldn't resist snapping this pic of him with his Daddy one evening. It reminded me of a very similar shot of Katelyn and Daddy when she was very close in age.

Unfortunately he missed the entire week of Vacation Bible School. I'm happy to report he is all better and at full speed ahead these days.

Owen's 1 year portraits

I just did a big photo post of Owen's 1 year pictures at my photography blog.Check it out! Please enter your vote in the embedded poll as to which image you like best for his 1 year portrait. I can't decide and I need your help!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Katelyn has learned to do a cartwheel and she is so excited. When I was videoing Owen's first steps behind the toy shopping cart the other day she requested that I also video her cartwheel. She has asked me numerous times if I was going to put it on the blog! So here you go! Be sure to ask her about it when you see her! ;)

(Embedded video: You may have to go to actual blog to view.)


Owen's walking (or lack of interest thereof) has frustrated me for weeks now. Katelyn was walking by this time and he continues to show no interest whatsoever. I guess because he didn't master crawling on all fours until the week before his first birthday he is quite content with his present mode of transportation. He does cruise around the furniture and pull up on any and everything that is stationary. He even has no fear of climbing! We have caught him on the dining room table many times! YIKES! Dr. Wood assures me that as long as he is walking by 18 months there is really nothing to worry about. Input from others online reassure me that this is not as uncommon as I thought. It is just so hard hauling around a 25 pound stapping boy around on my hip all day! Get up and walk buddy!! :)

I did get a little encouragement the other day when he decided to walk behind a toy shopping cart. He was so proud of himself! Notice how his first steps were not slow and steady but close to a RUN! Oh my, I guess this is a sign of things to come??

(Embedded video: You may have to go to the blog site to view.)

Story Time!

Owen LOVES to sit in Katelyn's princess desk. He climbs up in it frequently and just grins thinking he is such a big boy! I caught this precious shot the other day as I was getting ready and couldn't resist snapping a shot regardless of the bad lighting. They were BOTH reading to each other. I'm so glad they love each other!

Pool Playdate

Swimming has been our main activity this summer it seems! With upper 90 degree heat it's the best way to stay cool. A couple of weeks ago we meet up with several friends at Emily's brother's house to play in his pool. The kids loved being together and us moms sure thrive on the adult conversation! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun with Goggles

After seeing several kids at the YMCA using goggles, Katelyn decided she needed some too. Here are my two silly birds trying them on for the first time. They both thought it was pretty funny!! Not the best pics but too cute not to share!

Independence Day Weekend

Traditionally the 4th of July weekend has been "Carmichael Weekend" for us. This is the time when Gigi's sisters and their families get together for a weekend of fun in the sun. We were missing several folks this year so it wasn't quite the same not having everyone together but fun in the sun we had.

Gigi's kitten Tillie even took a dip in the pool! Katelyn thought it was hilarious! Tillie did not.

Here Katelyn is trying to make up with Tillie for her swim. As you can see Tillie was not feeling very forgiving. ;)

Owen got in lots of slide time! (Embedded video: If you are reading this in an email or reader you may have to go to the actual blog site to view.)

Owen was a cool dude in Poppy's sunglasses!

Katelyn is 100% Daddy's Girl!

We couldn't let the weekend pass without our annual family picture! Thanks Gigi for this year's goofy hats! ;) Can you find Bart?

Saturday evening we drove out to Walter Bouldin Dam to watch the fireworks. No more getting out on the boat to watch the fireworks for me! It is crazy out there with hundreds of boaters. I was excited to find an awesome place to get some fireworks pictures this year!

Chad, Stephanie, Cameron, Hannah, Adam, Lindsey, Baylor, Hunter, and Evan were not able to make it this year. We really missed you guys!!

The rest of the images are HERE.

My Little Sunflower

Sunflowers are one of my favorite flowers and when my photographer friend, DiAnna, called me about a field in full bloom not far from our home I couldn't resist checking it out. Katelyn refused to go initially but when our cousin Carly, who was in town from Atlanta, agreed to join me, Katelyn could no longer resist. She is growing up so fast. Here are a few of my favorites from her time in front of the camera. For so long she was done with me taking her picture. I'm so glad to see her coming back around again. These portraits of her make me smile.

Can you believe Carly will only be 13 later this month?!? She is beautiful inside and out.

Many thanks to DaLee and Shana for all their assistance in making these images possible. I think they both have a new appreciation for what it takes sometimes to get the shot! ;) I couldn't have done it without you both!!

Summer Art

All Summer Katelyn has been working on art projects for what she calls her "Play Art Show". It is all she has talked about this Summer! Almost daily I hear, "Mommy can I work on my art for my play art show?" She wants to color, paint, cut, glue, you name it! She gets a little carried away at times so much of it is not worth keeping but I do have a few put away for her big end of summer show. I guess I'll have to make a big deal out of it since she has worked so hard!

Here are a few pictures of the artist at work.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Golden Ticket Seats

On Wednesday, June 23rd, Emily and I headed north at the crack of dawn with our golden ticket seats in hand to visit the Rick and Bubba radio show in Birmingham. I have been a Rick and Bubba fan for years listening and laughing at them in the mornings. When they opened their new studio last year they built in 12 audience seats which they call the "golden ticket seats". Tickets truly are golden and hard to come by. I got lucky listening to the show one morning in January when they opened up ticket reservations for June! They announced at 6am that tickets were available for the month of June and by 7am all available tickets were gone! I was so excited to get 3 tickets. I tried to get Bart to go with us but he decided not to at the last minute. Emily and I had a blast! Rick wasn't able to be there that day since he had surgery on his bicep the day before from a freak accident on Father's Day. So it was just Bubba, Speedy, Greg, and all the gang. They were so nice and made us all feel very welcome. Here are a couple of shots I snagged before, during, and after the show. I can't wait to go back again one day!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Father's Day

We had a nice relaxing Father's Day just like our dads wanted it! Mom, Dad, Chuck, Anna, and Thomas all joined us at the lake for a day of swimming, boating, and fun in the sun.

Bart with his young'uns

Pop and Poppy enjoyed some pool play with their grandkids.

Bart took us out on the boat for a little skiing. Some of us hadn't skiied in years but we all gave it a try. I'll spare you the photographic details! I loved this shot of Bart's reflection in the mirror. Being on the lake is one of his favorite places!

This is one of my Dad's favorite places - anywhere with a fishing rod in his hand! The day got sweeter when Katelyn took an interest in giving it a try. She even passed up a ride in the boat to fish with Pop!

Quality Time

Learning to Fish

Katelyn was absolutely thrilled when she caught her first fish! She had to strike a pose for me of course!

Katelyn's First Catch

Chuck and Dad got a little pier fishing in with a couple of their favorite little buddies.

Sitting on the Dock

Our papillion Ruthie was even all smiles that day! She is such a cute dog!

Ruthie Mae Mercer of Elmore

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Staying Cool

We have been spending a lot of time in Poppy & Gigi's pool this summer and my two have definitely turned into little fish. They both LOVE the water and I'm so glad! Owen has really taken to it this year especially. When he has on the swim trainer and floaties he can go whereever he wants to go. He just kicks and splashes.

Oh my! I LOVE this picture of Owen! Something about that look in his eyes!

He has also discovered the slide and has no fear! He would go down hundreds of time if we would let him! Here's a quick video. I love it how his loving sister gives him a gentle "nudge" down the slide! ;)

Sometimes they get bored with just the two of them, so we have also been spending some time at the YMCA Pool in Wetumpka. There is a neat splash area there that is just perfect for them. Owen can crawl in and out and has a big time splashing around. Katelyn enjoys finding new friends to play with.

Owen's First Movie

On June 19th we met Meredith, Will, Emily, Abbie, Davis, and Grey at the Capri Theatre for their weekly $1 movie matinee showing of the Veggietales Movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything".

Jennifer and Courtney offered to keep the little kids (Drew, Anna Kathryn, Tyler, Vivian) and while I considered doing that I wanted to see how Owen would do. Even though he was a bit older than Katelyn was at her first movie, I was hoping since it was during his nap time that he might just go to sleep. No such luck! We made about 30 minutes into the movie and then they both got to figiting and talking so it was time to go. My little experiment was worth it for the $3 investment versus trying it out in a full price movie!

Blueberries!! YUM!!

Another fun playdate last month was our trip to Barber Berry Farm off Alabama River Parkway. We thankfully got an early start as soon as they opened because the temps quickly rose and it was HOT!!

We met up with the Brawners, Blue, Meredith, Will, and Anna Kathryn and Krissy and her two kids, Chael and Carsyn.

Picking blueberries was lots of fun! I even caught Owen reaching out to get his own a few times.

It takes a long time to fill up a bucket! With all the heat, we were happy with our little stash! Of course we had to "sample" along the way! ;)

When we got back home it was time for Owen's morning nap and Katelyn and I set out to make our first blueberry pie. She loved being a helper! Our pie turned out perfectly and very delicious!

Many thanks to Meredith for suggesting this great outing! We will definitely have to do it again next summer!

The rest of the images are HERE.