Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Oh Happy Day!

John and Lauren are married! We headed north to Gardendale, Alabama this weekend to see our wonderful friends John and Lauren "tie the knot". It was a beautiful wedding and we were so honored to be a part of it! Katelyn was one of two flower girls and Bart was a groom's man. I was not the official photographer but couldn't resist getting some pictures of course! Thank you so much to Art and Shana for keeping a watchful eye on Owen while we all ran around in different directions!!

Katelyn was just beautiful and thoroughly enjoyed her job as the flower girl. The other little girl, Sittre Paige, was a few months younger and they became instant friends. Katelyn was a little disappointed that she didn't get to throw her petals when going down the aisle because Sittre got a little scared and wouldn't let go of Katelyn's hand! Katelyn just kept on going and they both went straight to their spot. They both did such a wonderful job!!

Don't they clean up well? Bart was so handsome in his tux! It reminded me of our special day just 6 short years ago! We may have to get him dressed up like this more often - I love it!!

The rest of the images are HERE (rehearsal dinner) and HERE (wedding day).

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Jodie said...

Hey Lori...I love catching up with your sweet family by reading your blog. I especially enjoy the pictures. :) How in the world do you get them in that great collage fashion? I can't get mine to do anything but appear in a vertical line. lol Oh, and did you get my email about Aunt Donna's on the 11th? See you then, Jodie