Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Owen's First Movie

On June 19th we met Meredith, Will, Emily, Abbie, Davis, and Grey at the Capri Theatre for their weekly $1 movie matinee showing of the Veggietales Movie "The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything".

Jennifer and Courtney offered to keep the little kids (Drew, Anna Kathryn, Tyler, Vivian) and while I considered doing that I wanted to see how Owen would do. Even though he was a bit older than Katelyn was at her first movie, I was hoping since it was during his nap time that he might just go to sleep. No such luck! We made about 30 minutes into the movie and then they both got to figiting and talking so it was time to go. My little experiment was worth it for the $3 investment versus trying it out in a full price movie!

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