Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Staying Cool

We have been spending a lot of time in Poppy & Gigi's pool this summer and my two have definitely turned into little fish. They both LOVE the water and I'm so glad! Owen has really taken to it this year especially. When he has on the swim trainer and floaties he can go whereever he wants to go. He just kicks and splashes.

Oh my! I LOVE this picture of Owen! Something about that look in his eyes!

He has also discovered the slide and has no fear! He would go down hundreds of time if we would let him! Here's a quick video. I love it how his loving sister gives him a gentle "nudge" down the slide! ;)

Sometimes they get bored with just the two of them, so we have also been spending some time at the YMCA Pool in Wetumpka. There is a neat splash area there that is just perfect for them. Owen can crawl in and out and has a big time splashing around. Katelyn enjoys finding new friends to play with.

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Lauren and John said...

Katelyn looks real enthused to be helping Owen.. HA! I think she's probably thinking, "Just hurry up and get out of my way!" HAHA! Love those kids!