Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas Day

Christmas Day for us started at around 6:30am. We heard the pitter patter of Katelyn's little feet trying to sneak downstairs as Bart caught her. She was so excited! We had to wake up Owen but luckily he woke in a good mood. Here's a quick clip of their first moments downstairs. Pardon the snaps throughout the video - that was me trying to take pictures in the dark with my P&S! Not a good thing! I quickly got out the big camera and flash shortly after.

Owen's first Christmas

Katelyn's fourth Christmas

Katelyn got her annual gift of "bling" from her daddy. This year it was her first pair of earrings - ladybug earrings. She was so excited that we even tried to change out her original earrings early (it's been about 4 weeks - supposed to wait at least 6). BAD IDEA!! It was a huge disaster and we almost didn't get the original ones back in when the switch turned out so badly. Katelyn is such a drama queen. She may just have her original flower earrings in when she gets married! This momma is not going to try that again for a long time!

Our sweet sweet babies!

I did a post on our upstairs tree and here's the tree that almost didn't get decorated because I waited so late and just lost the motivation. Thanks to Rosie and Katelyn who finally finished it up for me. I think it got decorated just 3 days before Christmas! :) I couldn't resist having a little fun with the camera!

After opening gifts at home we walked next door for Christmas with the Mercer family. Poppy and Gigi fixed a wonderful breakfast and then we opened gifts. Totally unplanned, all of the kids got handheld video games from Santa and it was so funny to watch them absolutely glued to them! Cameron got a PSP, Hannah got a Nintendo DS, and Katelyn got a Leapster 2. Katelyn wants to be just like Hannah and keeps calling the Leapster her "DS"! Too cute! Owen just couldn't handle all the excitement and had to take a quick siesta.

Nana and Pop came to see us later in the day to check out the kid's loot. We went to an afternoon movie to see "Marley & Me". It was a cute movie but don't forget your box of Kleenex!! There were a few scenes a little inappropriate for my 3 year old so I kept having to distract her with popcorn and such. Overall she did great at the theater.

We are so blessed! We have many wonderful memories of Christmas 2008!

The rest of the pictures are posted HERE.

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Lauren said...

What a great Christmas! I love seeing KK look at all her gifts. Its so fun to see little ones in such wonderment over what Santa brought! :)

Incredile pictures, as always! I hope you have a scrapbook, missy! :)