Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look who's...

...standing up! Yep, there hasn't been much action on the crawling front because our little man would much rather stand! Most days he would rather stand than sit! He's not quite to the point of pulling himself up yet but wants to stand whenever he can. He'll stand holding onto the rail in the pack and play, in the crib, and just about anywhere else you give him somewhere to hold on to. He's even learning to tighten his grip when we feels himself starting to fall.

This one is not the best quality image but it was just too funny not to share!

See, he'll stand just about anywhere you put him! He's not too sure what to do when his weight shifts and this thing starts to move though! However, most times he goes down without a tear.

To celebrate his new achievements I decided it was time for his official first pair of walkers. Later that afternoon we were at Uncle Chuck and Aunt Anna's house and he loved standing next to the couch. They give him so much more support. He was so proud of himself!

I kept having the feeling of "deja vu" and I took a quick trip back to the old blog ( When I came across February 2006 I realized why... click HERE and HERE.

Guess I've got to go right now and let down the crib mattress!!

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