Sunday, January 4, 2009

Eight Months

Oh my! What a change in our little man over the past month! He has come ALIVE! He has become one active little fella and no longer will he let me hold him as a baby. He has to sit up and see the world (if you can get him to sit still long enough!). He loves to stand now - holding on to the rail of the pack and play mostly - and actually prefers that to sitting and playing. I think he may be an early walker as well. However I thought that about Katelyn too and she didn't take her first step until 13 months. It seems he has gone through a bit of a growth spurt again by looking at his stats. That is no surprise in that he LOVES to eat! He still doesn't like to take time for a bottle but loves to feed himself. He is a "puff" eating machine! :) We have discovered that he is quite the fan of blackeyed peas and other peas too. Oh, and he signed MORE for the first time yesterday!! Yippee! He'll just smile when he does it. His personality is really developing as well. I'm seeing early signs of his tantrum abilities already. When he doesn't want to get his diaper changed or be put where he doesn't want to go he will let himself be known. I have to keep one hand on him at all times on the changing table because it he doesn't want to be there he will arch his back straight up pushing up with his feet and come down hard over and over! If I try to sit him down when he doesn't want to he'll get stiff as a board and you have to push him down at his middle to get him to bend! He is strong as an ox! Even with all that, he is the happiest baby on the block and I am cherishing every moment with this little guy!

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