Thursday, January 22, 2009


On Wednesday nights we are at Frazer for family night supper, Katelyn has choir, Owen plays in the nursery, and I enjoy some much needed adult time either in Bible Study or just some quiet time in the Atrium. We thorough enjoy it each week. The Carliles (Wendy, Kinley, & Hilton) join us as well as Chuck, Anna, and Thomas. At the end of the evening the kids always look forward to a few minutes at the AquaZone slide. It is an indoor slide that the kids totally love! My little nephew Thomas has come out of his shell and will now be renamed "Wild Man Thomas"!! :) Check him out going down the slide!

Hilton couldn't resist all the fun and braved his first ride down the slide. He LOVED it and went back for more! We were so proud of him! Here are all the kids exerting that last bit of energy before bedtime.

The rest of the images are HERE.


The Lemmond Family said...

That is too funny! Man he is a MESS!

Lauren said...

Question: How do you videotape and snap GREAT pictures at the same time?? Incredible talent. Bart should be thankful.