Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First Dance

ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP!! Ooohhh, I can't stress this enough! Sometimes I feel a little whacky having a camera in my purse and one in the diaper bag and even sometimes I have my pro gear in the car too. But this past week I was so glad I had those extra backups! Normally I have my little Canon S5 (my preferred point and shoot) in the diaper bag but for some reason it was left sitting on my desk. Last Tuesday afternoon we ran out the door to dance class where I was just expecting to drop Katelyn at dance off while Owen and I sat in the car to wait for her to finish. We got there a few minutes early and needed to go potty. I took her in and found out that it was parent observation night - one of only two for the entire year! I could stay and watch her dance!! Yippee! Uh-oh! No camera! Suddenly I remembered my original P&S was in my purse - my aging Fuji F30. Normally I would have whined to only have had that but in this case I was SO THANKFUL! It would take video and would definitely suffice.

My little princess just danced her heart out that night! It brought a small tear to my eye as I watched her dance I remembered my own dancing days. I think she loves it as much as I used to.

Here is a look at her very first dance...

She gets a little ADD near the end when someone comes in the door!!

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The Lemmond Family said...

Thomas was sitting in my lap while I was watching the video. He clapped and smiled. He loves getting to see them on the computer!