Thursday, October 30, 2008

Spiders Everywhere!!

Over the past week Katelyn has been waking up in the middle of the night screaming that there are spider webs all over her room. At first we thought she was just dreaming but it continued to happen on several occasions. She would be wide awake and we would ask her where the spider webs were and she would look around and point to different areas of the room. She said there were big webs and spiders. The child would literally be shaking! We kept telling her there were no spiders and go around swiping them down for her. This continued and finally Bart had to get out the "special spider spray" and spray her room and our room. That seemed to work for one night but then they were back. She would be laying in our bedroom and look around and claimed she saw them again! ROAR! What were we going to do? Had she seen them on a movie? Was it the halloween decorations around town spooking her? All we have up at our house are happy jack-o-lanterns. Who knows? Finally, Bart told her that there were no spiders and if she kept seeing spiders than we would have to take her to the doctor and get a "spider shot". That took care of that - no more spider sightings so far!!

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