Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Bart!

Bart's birthday was September 20th. I learned that Katelyn can no longer keep secrets. As soon as Bart got home from home she ran to him and said "Daddy! Come open your present! We got you a Wii!" Geez! That's it - no more shopping with Katelyn! :)

We celebrated with friends at Las Casinas in Prattville - a wonderful Mexican restaurant - YUM! Bart usually will not go to a restaurant for his birthday but I promised him just a nice dinner with friends - no singing! DaLee made a scrumptuous homemade cheesecake. Everything was going great until the waiter decided to kick it up a notch. For the record, I (or any of our friends) had NOTHING to do with the performance!! Thankfully Bart was a good sport! Whew! It was a fun evening.