Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cameron's 11th Birthday

We celebrated our nephew Cameron's 11th birthday on Sunday afternoon with a skating party at Skate Zone. I have to admit it was quite a weird feeling being back at a skating rink after all these years - the neon lights, loud music, and what's up with that funky feet smell?? Here are a few pics from our fun time!

At first Katelyn wasn't very sure about the idea of walking around with wheels on her feet but after seeing her cousins enjoying all the fun she decided to give it a try. Hannah was so sweet to help her and show her the ropes! They had some slip-on skates that were perfect for her. The wheels didn't roll very well allowing her to "walk" around more easily without falling down. Once she got her confidence up she had a ball! We had to tempt her with a trip for ice cream to get her to leave!!

The rest of the images are HERE!

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