Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Please pray for Baby Vivian!

Little Vivian Kathleen Brewer was born Saturday, February 14th to our sweet friends Josh and Jennifer Brewer and they need our prayers! Vivian is currently at Baptist South in NICU being treated for some respiratory problems. She has made some incredible strides just since yesterday when I was so blessed with the opportunity to get to see her for the first time. Here are some pictures from my visit and a recent update from Josh and Jennifer. They have two small boys - Davis will be 3 in May and Tyler will be 2 in July.

Hey everybody,

Wow! Thank you all for loving us all so much! We are so blessed! Just wanted to give y'all some new info on our little girl( see below for "old info"):

1. As of this afternoon, she is off the ventilator and doing great in the breathing department. Woot!

2. So far, all cultures and blood tests are not showing the infection spreading to the bloodstream or into the meninges (spinal fluid). Woo- hoo!

3. She is no longer on blood pressure medicine. Yesssssss!

4.She has really funky looking hair 'cause they haven't given her a bath yet. Booooooo

5. She still has a little fluid in her lungs. Yuck-o!........but not as much as before

6. She has really awesome doctors and nurses who all really like their jobs AND think she's adorable!

7.......but she'll still be on antibiotics at least till the weekend....that means at the

Now, here's the old info for you who missed the first time around:

Vivian was born(quickly) Saturday morning at 9:10. No complications. Beautiful! Nurses noticed her breathing was a little labored, gave her a little extra oxygen in the nursery, and a few hours later, her pediatrician said he thought she had just some extra fluid left in her chest, but asked the neonatologists to check her out. They did, and wanted to help her breathing by putting her on Baptist South. Bummer! She got to ride in "ANGEL ONE" a really cool transport truck while she freaked out and basically said " I don't like this cpap thing!", so they put her on the ventilator instead. AND blood pressure meds, AND sedatives. The doctors also decided that based on her symptoms, she was fighting some sort of infection that was causing something looking like pneumonia. She was started on broad-spectrum antibiotics Saturday afternoon. She has steadily improved, breathing on less oxygen, more on her own, gotten off the bp meds, off the sedatives, and only is taking the antibiotics, and recently, added photo therapy to her regimen(for a little jaundice) and should be off the lights by tomorrow.

Everyone working with her is extremely impressed and encouraged by her progress, and we are really proud of her. Davis is still getting better at saying her name ( O-livian!) and Tyler has no clue and is fine with it.

We really want our baby girl to be home NOW, but realize she's got a little left to do before that. Not an easy situation. Familiar, but not easy. We all feel very loved right now. You guys are wonderful. We appreciate all the prayers.

I will try to send another one of these later.

Thanks, people

Josh and Jenn


Amy said...

Great pictures Lori! I am so thankful that she is doing so much better and will continue to pray :)for her speedy and complete recovery. I know they want her home asap!

Amanda said...

I'm praying for their family! I see she's sporting the super awesome bili-light shades! Chase has some sweet first pictures dawning the same thing...