Sunday, February 8, 2009

Little Diva

I got a new white background that I was playing around with the other day. Katelyn graciously agreed to be my little model. When I was looking through the images this one stood out to me as totally priceless. I just love how this shot perfectly captures her personality! This is so Katelyn - a little rough around the edges with a hint of pink princess!


Lauren W said...

I love it!!!! She looks like, "Okay, mom. I will be your test subject, but I had better be getting something out of this."

Lauren said...

Lori Mercer ---- you just gave me the biggest laugh! A little rough around the edges.. haha!! I'm dying!! But, you're right: This picture DEFINITELY capture KK. hahaha! Can I PLEASE get a copy of this picture for the fridge??!! hahaha You can send to Sam's or Wal-mart and we'll pick it up! haha

Coll said...

Oh Lori! I LOVE this picture! It is amazing.