Friday, February 6, 2009

Weekend with Nana & Pop

This past weekend Owen and Katelyn went to stay with Nana and Pop for a much needed "mommy break". They had such a wonderful time! Owen even blessed them with one of his infamous "blowouts" that Nana said was a "four-hander" requiring all hands on deck! It took Nana, Pop, and even a little assistance from Katelyn to clean up the mess. Needless to say Owen ended up in the bathtub for a good hosing down. Of course Owen just laughed through it all! :)

When I got there to pick them up on Sunday morning this is what I found. Yes, I know you are probably going to kill me Mom for posting this but I just thought it was too cute!

Owen started to finally get up on his hands and knees and tried out a little crawling. He didn't take but just a few steps until he decided he could get there much quicker using the combat crawl on his belly! Of course I had to have him show off a little for the camera!

Before we left I had to get a few pictures of Katelyn with Nana & Pop for Grandparent's Day at school next week. They had to also fill out an interview of questions. What a neat keepsake this will be for her scrapbook!

Thank you Nana & Pop for loving on the kids this weekend and giving me a much needed break! We love you!!

The rest of the images are HERE.

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