Thursday, May 14, 2009

The 7th Anniversary of my 29th Birthday

For someone who doesn't really like to make a big deal over her birthday it ended up being a weekend celebration it seems! My birthday was actually on a Friday but I had to work the Goshen HS prom down in Troy with Barry that night. It is always fun to go back to prom! My how things have changed! ;) What's this "stanky leg" thing anyway?!?

On Saturday we attended a 30th birthday surprise party for our friend Keith Williams (post from his party) and then headed out to Shogun (my FAVORITE birthday dinner spot) for some good 'ole Japanese entertainment. This was the kids' first experience and it was fun to watch their eyes get big over the big flames and the fact that everything was cooked right in front of us. YUMMY!!

The plan was to go bowling afterwards but bedtime was quickly approaching so we decided to put that off until another time.

Bart had given me a Nintendo DS for my birthday (Yeah!!) so we did make a quick stop in the mall to look for games. I had a coupon for Build-A-Bear that was about to expire so Katelyn got a new friend named Fluffy Bunny. It cost me a total of $1.65 after my coupons - SWEET!! Then she pitched a fit to ride the merry-go-round but we were all ready to go so we told her we would have to do that another time. She pitched a fit as usual. I told her I didn't have any money and asked her if she wanted to take her Build-A-Bear back (not thinking she would go for that) and she said "YES!" What?!? Then she threw her new bunny at me and said "I want to ride the Merry-go-round!" UGH!! Time to GO!! WHAT am I going to do with her!!

Then on Sunday our family got together for the annual birthday dinner. These are my favorite! I enjoy the casual atmosphere of being with everyone and always the good grub too!

Thank you everyone for a fabulous birthday!!

The rest of the images are HERE.


Lauren and John said...

I love those kind of birthdays too! Your cake looks YUMMY!!!!!

Leigh Anne said...

Happy belated birthday, Lori! Sounds like you had a great one!