Thursday, May 14, 2009

Looking Ahead

About a couple of weeks before Owen's first birthday (I know I should have waited but he is SO BIG!!) after having to switch out car seats in the truck I decided to go ahead and give him a try facing forward. HE LOVES IT! Every since that day he has chattered NON-STOP! Before when we rode he would settle in and usually go to sleep whenever we went somewhere - not anymore! He just talks and reaches for his sister to get her attention constantly. Don't think I haven't considered going back to those quieter days!! ;)

"Enough pictures already - Let's go MOM!!"

The rest of the images are HERE.


Lauren and John said...

He's such a big boy now! Cute pic wearing his sweet sunglasses! haha

Lauren and John said...

Also -- So glad you've updated!!! I get the biggest laughs from these posts!

Lauren W said...

I love it!! I just turned B around and I wish I could go back. Now she knows when I stop at Sonic and only get something for myself. She yells "Juice" every time. Why didn't I keep her facing the back longer? Sigh.... By the way. Owen's sunglasses are fabulous.