Sunday, May 3, 2009

Out of Gas

Now that Katelyn is quickly approaching age four, naps are sadly becoming a thing of the past. She will go and go and go until she just absolutely passes out. She is a totally different person when she has had an afternoon nap but it is getting very difficult to get her to take one without a huge fight these days. Recently after an episode of "bouncing off the walls" she got very quiet and this is what I found.

Note what is supposed to be her name above her bed. Everytime I put the letters in the correct order she insists on mixing them up again. Little toot! I just have to pick my battles with her these days. That's not one I'm willing to fight anymore.

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Lauren W said...

Before I scrolled down and saw your last paragraph I was about to ask you how you spelled her name! Too funny. Those are precious pictures. I hope that you are saving all of these for a rehearsal dinner some day because they are so adorable.