Monday, May 18, 2009

Sprinker Fun

When the weather starts getting warmer in April each year Katelyn starts itching to get outside in the sprinkler! So one afternoon we did just that and she had a blast. The water is always so cold but she doesn't care one bit!

Interestingly it looks like we tend to get outside in sprinkler around the same time every year. Here is a little flash back from years past. It is so neat to see how much she has grown!

May 2008 - Owen was only 1 week old and it was time for some fresh air! She loved running through the sprinkler but quickly fell in love with the mud puddle as well!

April 2007 - Katelyn would scream every time she would run into the sprinkler. Check out that cute little saggy diaper!

April 2006 - These were the days before the water sprinkler came to our house but we still spent lots of time outside down by the lake. You know looking back at these I never realized how easy life was with only one child to look after! ;)

The rest of the current images are HERE.

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