Monday, May 18, 2009

A new babysitter??

I think I might have found a new babysitter for Owen...SPAGHETTI! Yes, it's a little messy and the clean up is not much fun but boy does he really get into it! The night before his first birthday party I was busy in the kitchen doing a ton of different things. Katelyn had gone somewhere with Gigi and Poppy so it was just me and Owen. I put him in the high chair with some spaghetti and I didn't hear a peep out of him for at least 45 minutes! Now he did request more from time to time but that was it! I got almost all of my kitchen work done while he entertained himself. I loved it!!

A couple other images are HERE.


Lauren W said...

Classic!!! He is looking so much older in this picture too. That smile is adorable. You gotta love spaghetti.

Lauren and John said...

Ohhhh wow. I think you should do this one day when we're at your house, and let John help clean him up!! Or on second thoughts - don't! John's such a neat freak that we would never have kids after a spaghetti episode like that!! Too cute though!