Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Twelve Months

WOW! I can't believe this post is THREE weeks late! AARRRGGGHHH!! Oh well, I can't let it pass that Owen was 12 months old on May 2nd. He weighed in at 23 pounds 1 ounce (50%) and measured 32 inches long (95%) at his 12 month doctor visit.
--He seemed to have totally skipped 12 month sized clothes and pretty much went from 9 months to 18 months leaving me with lots of unworn clothes that I got at consignment this time. :(
--Just a couple of days before his first birthday he figured out how to crawl up on his hands and knees (versus the "army" crawl he had been so fond of until now). He is really getting around now and pulling up onto EVERYTHING!
--He still eats very well and pretty much anything you put in front of him. I've been trying to transition him more to whole milk but I'm not so sure he is tolerating it very well. I think it may be giving him stomach cramps at times. I'm going to stay with the Next Step formula for a while longer I believe.
--He is jabbering ALL the time! He will look at you and bust out with an entire sentence it seems and wait for a response. If you respond he will just keep on going like he is holding a conversation with you. It is so funny! He's still not saying much more than DA-DA, ball, and Uh-Oh very plainly but there are sometimes hints that MA-MA might be pretty close. (I had really hoped that he would start saying MA-MA on Mother's Day but no such luck!)
--He is definitely a Momma's boy and I LOVE it! He loves to snuggle and I could eat him up! :)
--I have to admit I'm really glad to be done with his monthly pictures. Those last few months were TOUGH once he got so mobile! I'm probably going to still take some sort of picture of him on a monthly basis for a while longer just not set in the same place.

Here's the year in review (click on image to see it larger):

Well Check Ups:

Up next...his 1st birthday party!!


Lauren and John said...

I love those legs hanging off the table! He's so precious, Lori!!

Melissa Lester said...

Hi, Lori, Gigi told me about your blog today, so I thought I would stop by. I enjoyed looking through your archives this afternoon. Your photos are beautiful! I do a blog also. I hope you will stop by sometime!

Anna said...

what fun! i LOVE the monthly pictures! they look so great in a collage! i wish i would have done something like that or the well checkup progression pics you did. he is just beautiful (i mean handsome!)! thanks for the comment on my blog! i must confess though, my husband was standing behind me literally jumping up and down to make her look and laugh. so...i guess i cheated a little :) i can take 150 pictures and get maybe 10 good ones bc she's on the move like owen! i actually ordered the 1st and 2nd baby signing time dvds. i wish i would have known you had them. i'd have much rather paid you for them! i did get them for a discount on half.com though. loved looking through your pictures! your children are just beautiful, such stunning eyes!