Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ADT's Cinderella

When I heard that the Alabama Dance Theater was performing Cinderella I knew this was the perfect time to take Katelyn! Cinderella is currently her absolutely favorite story and now that she is taking dance it was a perfect combination. Everyone else was either out of town or had to work so it was just KK and me. DaLee graciously accepted to keep Owen for me (Thanks D!!).

Katelyn was so excited to go! Being her first ballet performance I was a little nervous if it would keep her attention the entire time. It was wonderful! The lights, the sounds, and the costumes were spectacular! She enjoyed seeing the other children performing as well. When the prince made his first appearance she said "Mommy, he's wearing tights! That's funny!" and boy was he! Heehee! (Sorry couldn't resist!)

Since I couldn't take any pictures during the performance I had to borrow a few of Mickey Welsh's just for the blog!

It was a lovely afternoon with my girl!

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Lauren said...

So fun! I bet it was wonderful!! Men in tights.. haha