Sunday, December 14, 2008

New Dimension in Child Management

We have entered a whole new dimension in child management. Owen is on the cusp of growing out of the infant carrier. He is so long that his feet just kinda hang out the end and the whole combo weighs a TON! I have a love/hate relationship with the carrier. I love that he is "contained" and I can just sit him down anywhere if needed. I love being able to use the carrier stroller and not have to carry him when I need to run in somewhere. I love being able to leave him asleep when running errands. I HATE the incredible weight of it all and trying to haul that heavy thing around. Well, those days are quickly coming to a close and I'm going to have to start hauling the little guy in on my hip. Goodbye naps on the run. Hello to having to carry a "shopping cart cover" everywhere now. Hello to cranky baby when he wants to sleep and I need to get a few things done while we are in Montgomery. Hello to Mr. Wiggle wanting to get away and explore everything. We did a trial run into Sam's Club last week. It was Owen's first time sitting up in a shopping cart. I wasn't expecting this little adventure so I hadn't even pulled out the shopping cart cover yet. Guess I gotta go dig that out of storage!

Of course, Katelyn couldn't stand all the attention and had to jump in!

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Lauren said...

He is PRECIOUS, Lori! They are beautiful kids!