Sunday, December 14, 2008

Tacky Light Tour

Our friends, Michael and Marcilla Gross, started a fun December event many years ago called the Tacky Light Tour. They would rent a 15-passenger van and invite several friends to go on a tour of Montgomery to see the lights. It was so much fun! We decided to do an "Elmore County" version this year with the Faulkners after our weekly dinner outing last Friday night. We did venture into Montgomery to see a few annual favorites. We had a great time although Owen was in rare form and it may have been our last restaurant visit for a while until he can learn to stop screaming in public!! ARGH!!!

The Capitol tree was nice this year. It was absolutely FULL of lights!

We couldn't miss seeing the infamous house on Boultier Street in Old Cloverdale. It is truly amazing just how many lighted and animated displays one can get in such a small space. It's not that it is so pretty just amazing to see how much stuff can be squeezed in and plugged into one space. These images no where near do it justice!

This house was actually my neighbor when I lived in Dalraida. Our backyards adjoined. I will never forget the first year Meredith and I lived on Hillman Street coming home on the first night he turned on the lights. There was a glow through the neighborhood and my jaw dropped! When you turned off all the lights in our house at night you could still see to get around!! He was a good neighbor and turned everything off a a decent hour. His display has definitely grown over the years as well.


Lauren said...

You have GOT to be kidding me!!! Does he own stock in Alabama power? I've got to show John this house!!

The Lemmond Family said...

OH HOW WELL I REMEMBER THIS!! We go by every year to see how much it has grown. The Reaker's even took part in decorating this year!

Coll said...

How funny! I remember living in Alex City, we always went to look at Christmas lights (Mom and I). The houses on Pettus St., over by Edco ALWAYS looked like that... at least on a smaller scale. That's great... your tacky Christmas tour!