Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seven Months

So, yes I'm still a little behind on my posting but I'm slowing catching up! Owen turned seven months old on December 2nd. I think we may have gone through a brief growth spurt because I was shocked when I did his stats this month! He had gained 20 ounces and a little over 1 1/2 inches in length. WOW! We go to the doctor on Tuesday for his follow-up flu shot so I'm going to get them to weigh and measure him too for confirmation. He is becoming quite the active little critter. He is no longer happy sitting in one place watching the world around him! He's got to roll over to the action and taste it (everything goes in his mouth for further inspection!). His vocal cords are definitely maturing as seen in a previous post. His screaming sessions are very shrill and pronounced. You can even hear him from the yard. I'm so sorry Mark and Earline!! He's eating like a little piggy loving everything I have given him. I've tried him with puffs but he's still wanting to swallow them whole just yet. His sitting skills are continuing to improve. We are still going to physical therapy every two weeks for his torticollis and mild tightness in his legs and feet. He is making very good progress - each visit just gets better and better.

Here's the monthly progression...

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