Sunday, December 7, 2008

Girly Girl

Now that Katelyn has gotten older I've had to come up with more creative ways to get the normal things done. One I have found most challenging here lately is getting my nails done. This is a guilty pleasure I've had for quite some time and trying to carve out just an hour every two weeks or so can be a little challenging with two kids. Owen does very well and mostly sleeps or enjoys the attention of everyone wanting to talk to the "baby". I'm sure those days are numbered but he typically is not a problem. Now Katelyn being 3 has the attention span of a flea! Asking her to sit still and look at a magazine is just not going to happen! :) One week I decided to let her get her nails painted. She absolutely LOVED it and sat as still as a church mouse! Amazingly she will sit and let them dry forever just so they won't get messed up. The folks where I get my nails done do a wonderful job making it a grand experience for her and she just eats it up! It costs me a little extra but it's still cheaper than paying a babysitter and she gets so much enjoyment out of it that it is worth every penny! Come to think of it - a gift certificate from the nail place in Wetumpka in the shopping center by Food World would be a great Christmas present for Katelyn (and myself!) for anyone interested! ;)

This past time I needed to get both my nails and feet done so I needed something for her to do during this extra time. I decided to let her not only get a manicure but a pedicure too! What fun! Here are some pictures from our fun adventure.

They even gave her a design at no extra charge. She felt pretty special!

Such a little diva!

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Lauren said...

I am getting the biggest kick out of her! You have got some fun years ahead of you....