Sunday, December 7, 2008

Mornings Like This

For about the past 6 weeks or so I've been getting up offensively early to try to work on the computer doing my editing and such. I have discovered that this actually works much better than staying up late (which I normally would have much preferred - I have never been a morning person!). Since Owen has come along I find that staying up late doesn't work as well Sure as I stay up until 1 or 2 am, those are the days he decides to wake up at 4am wanting to eat and play leaving me with about 2 hours of sleep for the day. Man, that is tough with two to chase around all day! Instead I go to sleep right after the kids (around 8:30-9pm) and get up at 3am. This gives me about 5-6 hours sleep and about 3-4 hours of time to myself before the kids start stirring. Surprisingly since I've been doing this Owen has been sleeping remarkably well! No rhyme or reason there! :) Anyhow, my body is finally adjusting and I'm waking up well rested and truly enjoying the time to myself. Will I continue to do this after I no longer have this much work to do? Who knows? So for those of you that have noticed my emailing at crazy times - yep, I was really up at that hour! :)

One of the definite benefits of my new wake times is getting to see God's awesome works at the break of dawn. I caught this incredible display a couple of weeks ago right after Owen woke up. It took my breath away and I had to attempt to save it. I don't know if this image really does it justice though. Thank you God for beautiful mornings like this!