Friday, December 12, 2008

Katelyn's got BLING!!

She finally did it...Katelyn got her ears pierced!! Along with her new do' I asked her if she would like to get her ears pierced just like Mommy. She said "Can I get some bling?" We went to Claire's in the mall after your play time with her friends. She sat up in the chair like a big girl. Our friends Abbie and Mrs. Emily were there to cheer her own and help me document the occasion. Luckily there were two girls there that could pierce so she was able to get both ears done at the same time. It went very fast and she didn't cry until several moments after it was all over. I think being tired and almost naptime brought it out in her. We shopped a little and before we left the store she was all smiles and ready to show everyone her new earrings! I'm so proud of my big girl!!

Thank you Emily for taking these great pictures for me!!

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