Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Parent/Teacher Conference

Our first Parent/Teacher Conference was Monday, November 24th. I, personally, was SO NERVOUS! I just didn't know what to expect! Our sweet princess is very capable of being an absolute terror so there was no telling exactly what we were about to hear. Last year she spent a fair amount of time in "time out" and while this year I ask her regularly "Did you have to go to time out today?" she says she was good that day.

Mrs. Bamberg is a wonderful teacher and we are so pleased with the FBC CDC! We are constantly amazed at what Katelyn is learning these days! She is so close to reading it is scary! She regular sees a sign and starts calling out the letters and sometimes can sound out short common words. Mrs. Bamberg said Katelyn was doing very well. She knows her letters and their sounds and even helps others when needed. The only problem she has at times is her not wanting to sit still and pay attention. At times she gives her a mousepad with a kitten on it and tells her to "cover up the kitten" with her hiney. She does not want to see the kitten! :) She says it works and Katelyn then sits still her seat. WHEW! We were relieved! It was a glowing report!

This picture was taken the first day of school with Mrs. Bamberg and her assistant, Mrs. Edwards.

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