Friday, December 12, 2008

Brand New Do'

For some time we've been trying to let Katelyn's hair just grow mainly only getting her bangs cut. At Katelyn's last trim appointment, Ms Kim at Short Cuts in Millbrook suggested that if we wanted her hair to thicken up and grown better she really needed a major cut. I thought it over a couple of days and decided it was time. Here's our sweet angel before...

Yes, looking back at this picture she was looking a little "scraggly". Katelyn loves to go see Ms Kim and couldn't wait for her new haircut. She hopped up in the chair and sat as still a statue. You could tell she was trying especially hard not to wiggle from the excitement building inside her!

What a total transformation!! I love it! It looks so much healtier now. She is just too cute and super sassy now!! Of course when we got home I had to get a few more snaps!

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Lauren said...

You are the BEST mom! You always are ready for the picture moment. And I DO LOVE her hair! (And.. her sassiness!)